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Midnight in Paris dir. Woody Allen 2011

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Layne Norton, Ph.D.

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My boy Ryan just bought this 4speed ‘74 MGB. It’s a bit finicky and needs some work, but ain’t she a beaut!

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MGB GT | 1973

Pininfarina gave us the original ‘hot hatchback’ back in 1965. Street-parked on Ritch Street in SoMa. San Francisco, CA.

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1967 MGB GT

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1972 MGB GT by MartinZT on Flickr.

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Starring: ‘71 Triumph TR6
(by Le Photiste)

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I love it when a killer bike comes through from a builder I’ve never heard of. This stunning 1969 Triumph TR6 custom is the work of Raccia Motorcycles, a low-key outfit based in a century-old bottling factory just north of Los Angeles. The lines and stance are simply perfect, and if you’ve ever tried to build a custom bike, you’ll know how difficult that can be. The builder of this machine is Mike LaFountain, and his philosophy is simple: “I’m always trying to change proportions and form new lines to create a unique look, which stems from my love of vintage GP race bikes.”

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Setting sail

Starring: Triumph TR6

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There’s always a handful of European classics that sneak into the Adirondack Nationals, like this beautiful Triumph TR6

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Steve Cook

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